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toothache home remedy! what can you do at home

toothache home remedy! what can you do at home

Whatever the cause of the toothache, it is very painful and unbearable. Due to toothache, many times headaches and even swelling on the face. In such a situation, you can neither eat nor sleep. Toothache can occur at any age and its intensity also varies. Toothache occurs due to teeth worm, decay, molar stuck, infection, gum disease, etc! 
If you have a toothache, it’s important to figure out what’s at the root of your discomfort. From there, you can determine how to best relieve any pain, swelling, or other symptoms.

Distance from nature increased problem

In the old times, people were not much disturbed by the problem of teeth, one of the main reasons for this was to be close to nature. People used a variety of herbs ranging from neem teeth, and others, which were helpful in teeth protection. Their lifestyle was simple and the food was also pure and nutritious. Nowadays, the run of life, junk food, chemical-rich beverages has all become part of the life of the common man. In such a situation, a little carelessness can be overwhelming. Nowadays, dental problems can be seen even in young children!

more advice

-: A regular saltwater rinse and cold compress application can typically remedy minor irritation, but more serious toothaches may require a dentist’s intervention!

-: If your symptoms persist for more than a day or two, see your dentist. They can provide guidance on how to relieve your symptoms and prevent future pain.

-: You should also talk to your dentist before using any of the following remedies if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical condition that may be impacted by herbal ingredients.

How to care

-Rinse immediately after eating anything. Especially after eating sweets
gargle with water, drink a sip.
 -Do not eat cold immediately after eating hot cheese, while do not eat hot cheese after the cold. By doing this the teeth become weak.
-Avoid eating too hot and too cold things.
-Drink homemade beverages instead of cold drinks. Lemonade is a   better drinker for teeth.
-Be sure to brush before sleeping.
read and learn more

1 - For many people, a saltwater rinse is an effective first-line treatment. Saltwater is a natural disinfectant, and it can help loosen food particles and debris that may be stuck in between your teeth. Treating a toothache with salt water trusted Source can also help reduce inflammation and heal any oral wounds!

2 - For severe toothache, apply clove oil on cotton swabs and keep it on the teeth. Cloves can also be pressed if there is no oil. It is believed that cloves numb the area, which gives relief in pain. Cloves also have bacteria-destroying properties!
- You can also add a drop of clove oil to a small glass of water and make a mouthwash!

3 - A hydrogen peroxide rinse may also help to relieve pain and inflammation. In addition to killing bacteria, hydrogen peroxide can reduce plaque and heal bleeding gumsTrusted Source!

4 - A piece of ginger is also helpful in toothache. Crush a piece of ginger, press it into the tooth, and close the mouth. Gently suck ginger juice, you will get relief in some time!

5 - You may use a cold compress to relieve any pain you’re experiencing, especially if any type of trauma has caused your toothache. When you apply a cold compress, it causes the blood vessels in the area to constrict. This makes the pain less severe. The cold can also reduce any swelling and inflammation!

6 - Asafoetida is present in everyone's kitchen. Soak asafetida in lemon juice and apply it in a painful place, it is a very effective treatment for a toothache!

7 - Peppermint tea bags can be used to numb pain and soothe sensitive gums. To do this, allow a used tea bag to cool down before applying it to the affected area. It should still be slightly warm!

8 - Raw onion is very beneficial for teeth. It has antibacterial properties. If you do not refrain from eating onion then include it in the salad. Rinse with onion juice when a tooth worm occurs. Putting a piece of onion on the place of insects daily will give relief in a few days!

9 - Garlic For thousands of years, garlic has been recognized and used for its medicinal properties. Not only can it kill harmful bacteriaTrusted Source that causes dental plaque, but it can also act as a pain reliever!

10 - Salt and black pepper are very useful in toothache, as both of them have antibacterial properties. For this, make a paste by mixing water in salt and pepper. Use it at the affected place. Keep applying it till you get to rest!

11 - Vanilla extract contains alcohol, which can help to numb pain. Its proven antioxidants trusted Source properties also make it an effective healer!  
- To use this, dab a small amount of vanilla extract onto your finger or a cotton ball. Apply it directly to the affected area a few times per day.

12 - Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal wounds. They also have antimicrobialTrusted Source activity that can aid in oral care!

13 - Wheatgrass has countless healing properties and can work to heal your body from the inside if taken internally. It can relieve inflammation in your mouth and prevent infections. Its high chlorophyll content can also fight bacteria.
- To use this, simply use wheatgrass juice as a mouthwash.

14 - Sesame oil and clove oil give relief in toothache. Massage the teeth by mixing salt in sesame oil, it will relieve pain! 

15 - Thyme also has powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties trusted Source that can help to treat toothaches!

16 - To use this, dab a few drops of thyme essential oil and a few drops of water onto a cotton ball. After diluting the oil with the water, apply it to the affected area!
- You can also add a drop of the oil to a small glass of water and make a mouthwash.
See your dentist
If your toothache is severe or is the result of a more serious medical condition, you need to see your dentist so you can treat it properly. Many toothaches will require medical attention. An over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen could help until you also contact the dentist.


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