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dengue fever! symptoms cause and treat at home

dengue fever! symptoms cause and treat at home

Everything you need to know about Dengue fever

 people's children and teenagers also affected in Dengue fever, also known as breakbone fever, it is a mosquito-borne infection that can lead to a severe flu-like illness. It is caused by four different viruses and spread by dengue mosquitoes, dengue mosquitos bite you after three to seven days you affected dengue fever!

symptoms of your body

1- 104f degrees high fever
2- side of eyes pain
3- headache (all of the head)
4- week allover body, joint and muscle pain
5- swollen glands
6- after eating vomit

- There are currently no vaccines. The best method of prevention to use quickly home remedies, and avoid bite mosquitos. and carefully,

symptoms of highly affected

1-abdominal pain
2-bleeding from nose, gums,
3-yellow urine, bleeding,
4-continually vomiting
5- headache and body week

- To immediately shift the medical and start Treatment ! and right diagnosis occurs before the patient
improve a week,
- The allover world above 400 million+ people are infected each year,

dengue fever, symptoms, treatment in Hindi


-affect dengue fever is caused by any one of 4 types of viruses spread by mosquitos when a mosquito bites a person infected with dengue, the virus enters the mosquito, when affected mosquito bite some  people to all people affect dengue, dengue mosquitos are found all over the world,
-Around 2.5 billion people, or 40% percent of the world's population, live in areas where there is a risk of dengue transmission,
-Dengue is endemic in at least allover the world, Asia, Africa, etc...

-Symptoms usually disappear after a week, and mild dengue rarely involves serious or fatal complications,


-dengue fever damages the heart, liver, lungs, immediate blood presser is a dangerous level, causing shock and in case the death of the human,

-Preventing dehydration: A high fever and vomiting can dehydrate the body. The person should drink clean water, ideally bottled rather than tap water. Rehydration salts can also help replace fluids and minerals,
-Painkillers, These can reduce ease pain and down the fever,


-Dengue treatment can also be done at home with some indigenous remedies and these benefits are dull for a person of all ages,
  • Take 1 leaf of Harsingar tree and eat it in the morning with half a spoon,
  • According to age, children below the age of 10 years, give only one leaf in the morning for 7 days,
  • And for leaves above 10 years of age, 2 leaves for 7 days in the morning with stomach soreness,
  • This treatment is extremely beneficial for dengue, but it gets hotter than its use, so water and food can be used for this!

More severe forms of dengue

-intravenous fluid supplementation or drip if the person cannot take fluids by mouth
blood transfusion for patients with severe dehydration, Hospitalization will allow the individual to be properly monitored, in case symptoms get worse,

 world health organization

-the world health organization announce through the vacation not effective to reduce the dengue fever, to reduce dengue fever climate and mosquito controlling,


1- There are four types of dengue viruses that cause dengue fever. They are all spread by a species of mosquito known as Aedes aegypti, and more rarely by the Aedes albopictus mosquito,
2- The viruses jumped from monkey to humans between 1000 years ago, after this time dengue remained a minor problem,
3-The virus is transmitted from an infected mosquito to a human. A mosquito bites a person who is infected with the dengue virus, and the virus is passed on when the mosquito bites someone else. It is possible to have dengue fever more than attack once a time,
4-Dengue fever is most common in subtropical and tropical areas, such as Central and South America, some of Africa, some parts of Asia, and the Caribbean and the Pacific country ! it is most common in a rural area!

 dengue fever!


- If you are spending time in a tropical region, use mosquito nets that are treated with insecticide.
Clothing: Reduce the amount of skin exposed by wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and socks, tucking pant legs into shoes or socks, and wearing a hat,
- Nets treated with insecticide are more effective, otherwise, the mosquito can bite through the net if the person is standing next to it. The insecticide will kill mosquitoes and other insects, and it will repel insects from entering the room,
- use door and window screen: Structural barriers, such as screen and net, can keep mosquito out,


-Try to avoid being outside of your home, early evening and night!

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