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home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly

home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly

home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly
Home remedies for gas disease

Gas disease has become a common problem of today, from young children to the elderly, everyone is struggling with this disease, in the initial stages, some small mistakes start from this disease and later lethal becomes, Do you know that one of the main reasons for the double heart is gas, which is life-threatening, today we will consider it because of this and how it can be corrected by domestic remedy!


-: gas scribing

-: Due to gas

-: Gas treatment

-: food and drink

Gas scribing

✸Burning in the stomach after eating food and stench in the mouth, Breath and burning sensation in Breath's throat and sometimes its headaches,

✸Loss of appetite on time or loss of appetite on an empty stomach is a record of gas,

✸Flatulence is a major symptom of gas which is caused by gas,

✸After eating the food from the gas, the stench of the breath comes from the mouth, and the smell of the breath is also irritation in the throat and swelling in the stomach along with it,

✸Slight vomiting after eating and having indigestion and diarrhea after gas,

Due to gas

✸It is very important for us to know the reason for the gas so that we can avoid it, a liquid chemical liquid comes out from our body which helps to digest the food inside the stomach, but if the stomach remains empty for a long time, then eat the liquid chemical. The digesting bag starts to damage and after starts the gas,

✸Mostly due to not drinking water properly, the gas starts, after which, on paying attention, it gradually increases, which starts the many diseases,

✸Most of the food is taken from the kitchen at the right time and after eating the food, it is also a reason for gas, and it is very important to have a nutritious diet, which we ignore and are interested in eating delicious food which has no nutritional value and in which A lot of things are added to the sari, which can cause a lot of illness other than food,

✸Our body has the ability to digest food in a limit when it is more than that it becomes difficult and the food starts to get gas due to not being digested!

✸Do not sleep properly, every man needs to sleep 8 hours a day, according to age, Yuba should sleep for 6 hours in rest, and more than 8 hours in old age!
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Domestic gas treatment


home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly ✸hot Water 

- If you have too much gas, then to get rid of it soon, you take a glass of water and boil it a little if a little bad comes out then take it out and squeeze a little lemon and drink it like this, drink it. That the gas will disappear after 5 to 10 minutes!


home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly- Take one cup of hot water and half a teaspoon of cumin, chew the cumin in the mouth and drink hot water little by little, chew the cumin!

Make gas disappear from life through domestic treatment of gas

Baking soda

- Mix lemon juice in a spoonful of baking soda in the morning and eat on an empty stomach in such a way that you do it continuously for a month and then even after the gas problem is over, do one to two times a week, you will stay away from gas disease!

home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly ✸3 Bel leafs

- Mix 3 black pepper with 3 Black pepper and eat it on empty stomach in the morning for a month and you can use it regularly, if you can add it dally in life, you will get many more benefits like earthquake and thirst, which will make you feel better Will benefit,


home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly- Eat harad power every morning on an empty stomach in the morning and eat the powder with some hot water; By drinking this powder, you will get rid of your gas problem, with this you will get rid of every stomach problem!

✸celery flower

- Take 20 gum dried flowers and take it in a 2-liter bottle, add water to it and keep the bottle dry for 15 days, then every morning, pour a cup of water from the bottle and drink it on an empty stomach. It does not eliminate the problem of gas, it also eliminates all stomach diseases, you can also use it for immediate relief from gas,


- Take a little celery (10/15) and chew it with a little hot water, it also works for immediate relief from gas and if you use it every day, it will be very beneficial for you,

- All these methods will work only if you take water and food properly, so take care of it,

food and drink

To get rid of the gas disease, it is important to take care of the food

1 - Fast food should be away from ethnic food, nowadays, the food sold outside is mixed with lots of things which make our stomach fit and it promotes many diseases, please write a comment on what 'home remedies for gastric, how to rid quickly' helpful for you, 

2 - Stay away from eating too much oil and spices, it definitely makes our mouth very tasty but and it has to work very hard in our stomach and it sticks in our stomach,

3 - Eat food on time and drink plenty of water, drinking the right amount of water can remove many diseases from the body, so drink the right amount of water every day and eat it with the right amount of time and try to keep an empty stomach.

4 - Use more of dry fruits and vegetables, and definitely eat nonveg 2 times a week,

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