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home remedies for cold and cough in babies!

home remedies for cold and cough in babies
Every year, the most of children of the world are suffering from a disease like cold, due to the weakness of their body and weakness of the immune system, and 50% of these children are suffering from this disease 10 to 12 times in the first year of their age! It has more effect on the weather!

* You must have known that in the old-time, due to cold and cold, he would be treated at home, he was treated with the method told by the elders of the house, today we are talking about that method!

Some caution

* Keep an eye on the age of children before adopting this home remedy!

* Do not try on children below the age of one year, because children below the age of one year are very fragile, yet some treatment has been given to those who can try it in younger children!

* And one thing is that the composition and element of the body of every child are not the same, be sure to take care of it!teeth whitening home remedies in Hindi


1 - To be very persistent,

2 - Little or more watery discharge from the nose,

3 - Nasal congestion,

4 - Sore throat,

If any of these lessons are visible, then you can use the domestic Nuske!

Something else - American child diesis organization says that children under the age of 6 years should not help Docter, click to know more,


☛ There is a lot of natural element in turmeric, children under the age of one year should be given mediation presented with turmeric! Take a piece of dry turmeric and burn it with a lamp and burn it

Make the children smell the smoke, smell it little by little, and do this twice a day!

-Take two veggies of garlic in a glass of water for half an hour and give it two to three times a day, be careful not to give children below 3 years of age!

-Take 7 buds of garlic and take mustard oil, put garlic with mustard oil in a bowl and heat it in a little fire, if the garlic burns a bit, cool it and mash it in the child's body, during the day. Do it once, apply it to children below 4 years of age!

-Take a piece of ginger and cut it into small pieces, and boil it in a glass of water, and cool it and give it to the drink, and give it to the girl, who is over 3 years old!

Chicken Soup
-If you want more than a year of age, you can give Bala Bach a soup of chicken!

☛ You can give honey to children of all ages, but give it only in the morning!

☛ You can give Tulsi leaf to Bale Bacho more than 6 months of age, take out 3 Tulsi leaves juice in the morning and mix half a teaspoon of honey with a drink, and drink it once a day!

☛ Children over 6 months of age can give one spoon of ghee at the time of eating, and only twice a day!

home remedies for cold and cough in babies!
Do any of these notes appear in your remnant?
☛ Water from the nose is not bound, water keeps falling!

High fever!

problem to take the breath Having tonsils on the throat, eating food!

If your survivors see any of these V lectures, then show them to the doctor!

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