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how to stop heavy bleeding during periods home remedies

how to stop heavy bleeding during periods of home remedies!

how to stop heavy bleeding during periods of home remedies!

Women and girls have periods problem, periods or menstruation which is made by nature when the blood is going to be hard to get in the stomach, but there are some times when the blood gets too much! If we move further, today we will talk about which time we will stop the blood by using which home remedy.

⇒ Some information

During periods, the blood can sometimes come, but if they come in more and more frequently, then you may find it difficult, which we must pay attention to if the blood is falling again and again in a large amount, but sometimes it is much more Starts coming. This is a matter of difficulty, but it is not too big if you have heavy bleeding sometimes. So there is no problem, but if you are facing this problem every time, then you must pay attention to it!

Because if you do not pay attention to it now then it can be very troublesome for you. Frequent heavy bleeding can cause many more diseases, the heavy building is ignored. So you may have anemia and may have dangerous diseases like anemia later!

there are two types of hormones named-estrogen and progesterone in women, those who need to remain balanced, if for some reason, there balanced is disturbed, and if these hormones become unbalanced, in such a situation, more bleeding can happen!

 When the period comes, the body temperature is high due to which the period comes. And when this temperature increases, the blood cells spread more, due to which more building starts. (Measures to prevent heavy bleeding), Take a piece of ice and wrap it in a cloth, then compress it with the stomach, do this compress for 10-15 minutes, then rest it by lying down and resting for some time. |If even after this you do not get rest, then you will do the same remedy again and you will do this remedy in the interval of 4 hours only.


iron has special significance for women, women should take more and more iron during the period

coriander seed⇒

coriander seeds are quite right in reliving this problem,
coriander seeds are also used in Ayurveda to help the uterus to function properly and to maintain properly, herbal balance in women, used as!


use a small piece of tamarind at the time of excessive bleeding, eating tamarind causes blood to thicken, which causes bleeding!

subdivision method ⇒

Take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of coriander powder to it and heat it until the water reduces in half. Then keep it to cool down and when it is slightly warm then add honey to it and eat it and consume it 2-3 times during periods, it will give relief soon! Apple vinegar⇒
 Apple vinegar is consumed only to prevent heavy building. This vinegar removes the harmful toxins that build up in your body, which keeps the proper hormones balance. And there is no heavy building, it also reduces headache, fatigue, stomach pain!

subdivision method⇨

take a glass of water and add one to two teaspoons of apple vinegar, and drink it mixed and consume it three times of day, it will give you a better result,
the cayenne paper you better results, measures to stop heavy bleeding!

 red chili⇒red chili is helpful in making blood attacks in the body, and also maintains the balance of hormones so that there is no heavy building during periods, it is beneficial for the body!

subdivision method⇒

take a glass of water in a vessel, and add half a teaspoon of red chili to it and mix well, then add half a teaspoon of honey, and mix and boil them, and drink 2 to 3 times of a day, it will be beneficial for you!

Iron-containing diets⇒

 Blood is needed in our body and it contains iron to keep the blood-red. And due to excessive blood flow during periods, there is a lack of blood in the body. Which is formed from iron deficiency anemia, so you should take iron-rich food during periods.

Iron-containing dietsAll fruits and vegetables that contain iron should be consumed in large quantities. Such as green vegetables, red meat, raisins, melon, eggs, etc. should be taken in proper quantity!

omega 3

omega 3 is helpful in getting rid of period problems when balanced, 
how to increase the omega 3 body- in
for this case, you can take fish oil or flaxseed seed!
⇒boil the ginger well in water and make a decoction, drink this decoction after eating it during the day!
⇒ eating better gourd vegetables during periods is considered to be the best, bitter ground contains all the quality keep heavy bleeding during the periods!
⇒take a cup of water and put a little cinnamon in it and boil it and drink it after filtering, you will benefit!
⇒heavy amla and amla juice can also prevent heavy building, amla is also considered beneficial in this!
make power by grinding⇒
40 gms of mustered and now take two gms of powder with milk twice a day!

how to stop heavy bleeding during periods home remedies!

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