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weight loss fast easy steps to improve health

weight loss fast easy steps to improve health

weight Los tips & diet plan
⇒the weight problem is common for every man, healthy eating is the best of you can do to prevent and control a health problem such as belly fat, overweight, you use some of the instructions to lose weight and belly fat!

weight loss tips⇒

no-1⇒yoga and exercise

- yoga and exercise are the best that you can do to weight loss, you can continue 21 days after weight problem as live, all days morning and evening only 5 minutes yoga and five minutes exercise to weight loss very fast! you can too busy to one time you work 10 minutes yoga and 10 minutes exercise!


- Pranayam,
- Surya namaskar,
- bakrasan,
- Ardha chandrasan,
- kukutasan,
- machyasan and other


- pushup,
- front clip&back clip,


- cycling is very good and works full exercise for weight loss, dally 2 to 5 km cycling is the best for your health and weight loss!


swimming is the best exercise for the body, through the swimming your all-over body can exercise, you can add swimming for dally 10 minutes to the best health and weight loss!
diet plan for weight loss

don't eat

- you can avoid junk food and fast food, 
- don't eat heavy oily mil and food,
- don't eat sugar, tee, and coffee,
- don't eat pasta, charming, etc...

fat sources

- butter
- olive oil
- coconut oil etc... 

 you eat

- you can eat sources the protein

  • meat- beef, chicken, pork,etc..
  • fish and see-food- salmon, trout, shrimp,etc..
  •  eggs- you can eat whole eggs,

weight loss fast easy steps to improve health

- you can eat low carb vegetables

  • broccoli,
  • cauliflower,
  • tomato,
  • litchi,
  • cabbage,
  • swiss card,
  • banana
  • Spanish etc..
  • and you can use salad for good health,

hot water

- you can drink tee daily rutin avoid this, and daily morning you can drink a cup of hot water slowly and slowly!

some points

- you can eat daily 3 times meals, at the same timing, after eating 3 times you can hungry then you can eat dry fruits and some of the biscuits,
- you can fix the time for eating the meal,
- don't eat a heavy meal, this is the men think of weight gain!
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