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bone pane!chest bone pain, relief , 9 home remedies

bone pane!chest bone pain, relief, 9 home remedies

when you have no idea to chest pain, types, reason, and etc to your first idea in your mind this is a heart attack, and you have panicked, and you have to go depression when you experience pain in the left side of the chest, it is not always the sole reason, soo what is the exact causes of your chest pain? is it the extense workout you did or a result of indigestion? what you"ve indigestion and gas problem regularly?
whatever the reason might be, you have wanted to treat it before and it becomes a daily affair, we will help you to that with the help of few home remedies, and types and reason tips scroll down and read more! bone pane!chest bone pain, relief, home remedies,

chest pain types

⇒ many of the reasons you"ve ever had chest pain!this is divided into 3 types- no1-left chest pain, -no2-middle chest pain, no3-right chest pain!

causes of chest pain

⇒ chest pain different types from person to person and various inits intensity, location, and duration,
and though it is one of the major symptoms of a heart condition, it could also occur due to less serious issues, let us look at the causes of chest pain,


⇒ again due to blocked blood vessels of your heart, - which is caused by inflammation of the heart muscle cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscles,

other causes

⇒medical condition like shingles pain attacks that result is intense fear, in addition to pain in your chest, you may also experience other symptoms that are listed below,

points chest pain does"t just heart, it could also interface with your day to day affairs and throw your life out of gear, hence, it is best to treat it as soon as possible, bellow, we have listed 10 best ways to treat chest pain, 

9 best home remedies to treat chest pain

  1. hot drinks,
  2. garlic,
  3. ginger,
  4. vitamins,
  5. turmeric with milk,
  6. almond,
  7. aloe vera juice,
  8. basil leaves,
  9. pomegranate juice,

hot drink

⇒ gas is a common cause of chest pain a hot or warm drink may help rev up your digestive system and ease gas and bloating, hot hibiscus tea, in particular, supports digestion and heart health, research shows hibiscus helps lower blood pressure and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, hibiscus is generally recognized as safe to consume,

⇒ both fresh garlic supplements have been used for years to battle heart problems, researchers result said garlic extract may help prevent plaque build-up in the arteries and even reverse heart disease,
⇒ some garlic supplements leave your breath smelling less than fresh if you cant get past the smell!

⇒ spicy ginger is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities,
some help.
lower blood pressure reduce cholesterol reduce triglycerides prevent blood clotting ginger is known for soothing your tummy and reducing gas, it is also a natural blood thinner, so avoid using it if you take a prescription blood thinner,

⇒ studies have found that deficiencies in vitamins D and b12 lead to chest pain and even myocardial infarction or heart attack, so if you are suffering from chest pain, one of the first things you must address is your diet, ensure that you are following a healthy and balanced diet that contains foods rich in all the vitamins required for your body to function normally,
eating food
- egg, fish and meat, and soya product, you may also opt for additional supplements of these vitamins after consulting your doctor,

turmeric with milk

⇒ ingredients
- 2 tee spoon turmeric powder and 1 glass of hot milk,
- mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk, consume this mixture,
- drink this mixture dally one glass before eating dinner!

⇒ when heart pain occurs after eating, acid reflux disease may be to blame, both conditions may cause intense chest pain, many people claim that eating a handful of almonds, or drinking almond milk when heartburn strikes ease symptoms, almond is an alkaline food and in theory, they may help to soothe and neutralize acid in the esophagus,
on the other hand, almond is high in fat, some people, fat triggers, acid reflux, fatty foods may cause the lower esophageal sphincter to relax and allow acid to flow backward into the esophagus, 

aloe vera juice

⇒ you need

- dally 2 times you must drink aloe vera juice,

-aloe vera is a miraculous plant that offers a wide range of a health benefit, it can help strengthen your cardiovascular system, regulate good cholesterol, lower your triglyceride levels, and also reduce blood pressure, all of these help in relieving chest pain,

basil leave

⇒ you can also extract a tee spoon of basil juice and add some of the honey and drink regularly to effective result,
- basil contains a high level of vitamin k and magnesium promotes blood flow to the heart and relaxes the blood vessels, vitamin k prevents the buildup of cholesterol in the walls of your blood vessels, this help in the treatment of cardiac disorders as well as chest pain!

bone pane!chest bone pain, relief, home remedies

pomegranate juice

⇒ adding pomegranate juice to your diet may be beneficial to your heart, pomegranates are high in antioxidants, which can help keep cholesterol in check and keep your arteries healthy,
- some researches show that drinking pomegranate juice helps lower blood pressure!
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