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home remedies: eye pain causes, and treatment tips for quick relief

home remedies: eye pain causes, and treatment tips for quick relief

Like this, there are many reasons for eye pain like eye infection due to changing weather, and due to some disease in the body there is also eye pain, and there are some small reasons that cause pain in the eyes like mobile or computer screen more time To see or to do something in the eyes while riding a bike,

If you have pain in your eyes or infection or pain around your eyes, then you should read this article Home Remedies: Eye pain for quick relief, diagnosis and treatment measures ...

Home remedies for eye infection

In the changing season, there is an infection in the eyes, which causes pain in the eyes as well as pain in the head for some people, treatment of eye infections.

Noted eye infection

Eye pain and swelling and reddening along with it, Pain in the eyes, and burning sensation by going into the sun the crust comes from the eyes and the waterfalls from the eyes,

Home remedies for eye infection

(Keep these things in mind to avoid eye infection)

  1. Use black sunglass in the sun,
  2.  do not rub the eyes with the eyes when itching, if the itching is too loud, then clean the hands and hold the eyes of those eyes for a while, and keep the hands clean...
  3. Anyone you want to use things like clothes or handkerchiefs, this makes them more susceptible to the disease,
  4. After washing and cleaning the eyes in the morning, add one drop of honey each on both eyes, it will irritate the eyes slightly but it increases the chances of getting better soon, and it has no side effect,
  5. If you feel pain in your eyes, then take two pieces of ice and touch it slowly over the eyes, read the same of home remedies: eye pain causes, and treatment tips for quick relief.

Home remedies for eye pain

(If you are suffering from eye pain then these treatments should be used)
  1. Use of gherkin,
  2. Use of honey,
  3. Use of potato or potato juice,

(1) Method of use of  gherkin,

- gherkin is a very good treatment for the eye if you have pain or swelling in your eye, then cut a small ring of gherkin and keep it above the eye,

(2) the method of using honey,

- honey is a good and ancient remedy, the use of honey cleanses the eye, it also does not cause infection, (use) in the morning and night before going to bed rinse the eye carefully and put one drop honey in both eyes, Use it after waking up in the morning, (there will be a burning sensation in the eye for a while but it has no other bad effect).

(3) Use of potato or potato juice,

Potato juice is very beneficial for the pain of eyes, you either keep the fresh potato round and round on the eye or use potato juice on the eye, both have the effect rate,

(Do some changes in food that will get rid of eye disease throughout life)

  1. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet,
  2. Leaf vegetable, it is very important for the eyes, add every day definitely include leaf vegetable, not include add only 3 days,

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