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home remedy of hair fall, how to treat hair for home

A home remedy of hair fall, how to treat hair for home

Hair fall has become a common disease nowadays, which has many reasons, but some of the major reasons told by the doctor - do not eat at the right time, and do not digest food properly! Gas, if there is continuous gas, hair can fall!

treatment of home

1- Coconut Oil

-Mix some fenugreek powder in coconut oil and apply it on the stick!
-How to apply - Apply coconut oil to your hair and mash it a little and leave it for 10 minutes, and after that, you can wash, but if you have coconut made at home, it will have more effect!

2 - Mustard oil

-Mustard oil, it is the same way, powder and fenugreek in it and applies, but mustard oil is slightly thick, so snake once in every four days and do not use fragrance oil, and chemical substances Deny the use of, and it will be better than the market oil, if you use real oil, then its effect will be even more!

3-aloe vera

-Aloe vera is a tree that has been used for headaches and hair loss since many ages and it is also very effective, but aloe vera gel bought from the market is not as effective because of some the chemical is used in it, If you use it then it will definitely affect your hair!

Something - applying aloe vera can make you feel cold, it is important to take care of it, and use it once in a gap of 4 to 5 days!

Way of Aging - Take a piece of aloe vera and cut it from the middle and apply part of it to the middle! home remedy of hair fall, how to treat hair for home

4 - Milk

-Fresh milk has such a rare element that due to the application of sarcasm, the dandruff is reduced from the head, which makes it easier to grow hair!
Method of use - Take a cup of milk from the milk vessel at the time of extracting milk from the cow and mash it on the head, you should do it only 2 times in a week, in three months you will get affected!what you have gastric problem click to read more 

5 - hibiscus flower and Coconut pest

- Two 5 petal hibiscus flowers and two teaspoons of coconut squeezed juice and a little fenugreek, about one tablespoon and half a teaspoon of coconut oil!

Method of making and applying

-Separate the petals from the fresh hibiscus flower and add two teaspoons of coconut squeezed juice and one teaspoon of fenugreek powder and half a teaspoon of coconut oil and make it a paste!
- Clean the hair thoroughly and apply that paste to the hair and leave it to dry, after cleaning it properly, clean the hair properly!

6 - Mundan( clean all hair)

- If this problem is in children, then you shave it repeatedly, shave it every day for a month and this problem will disappear!

Some suggestions

✶Stay away from chemical compounds like fragrance oil and gel,
Never have a hungry stomach, the effect of having a hungry stomach is indirectly on the hair,
Stay away from drugs, stay away from drugs like smoking and alcohol,
For a long time, the use of a helmet does not cover the nose and the clothes on the head for so long, due to this, the sweat coming out of the head gets absorbed in the hair's core,
Do not use too much allopathic
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