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home remedies for piles some tips for quick reducing

home remedies for piles some tips for quick reducing

hemorrhoids are also called piles, it is a very small but sometimes life-threatening disease, this disease is also inside the rectum, which has to face a lot of trouble, today we will talk about how to cure this disease at home.

Record of disease

Blood loss during bowel movements is a major narrative, which is the interpretation of the internal piles,

There is a pain in the internal and external parts of the bowel, along with bleeding at the time of bowel movement, and pain in the lower parts of the stomach, read the description of these external piles, also read home remedies for piles some tips for quick reducing,

Home remedy to cure Babasir


  • Not drinking the right amount of water can cause severe problems in the body, and the stool becomes hard, and when we pass stools, the stools make a mess in our inner lining, which causes problems like bleeding and stool pain during bowel movements. It gives
  • Drink more water and drink half a liter to one liter of water after excreting and then go to bowel after a few minutes, this treatment is very much about recovering from the problem,

Harda and Bahada Water

  • Soak 5 Harida and 5 Bahada in 1 liter of water and drink half a liter of fugitive water on the next morning in the morning, and then mix it with half a liter of water, so you use the same Harida Bahada for 5 days and then change Harida Bahada Take,
  • With this treatment, the disease like Aras and Babasir is eradicated from the roots, and also the treatment keeps the stomach clean,
  • Use this treatment continuously for one month and later 5 to 7 times a month,

Triphala Churna

  •  A mixed equal amount of powder of Harida Bahada and Amla, it keeps the stomach clean, as well as cleanses the stool, so that you get rid of Babasir and hemorrhoids,

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 Soak the isabgol, it keeps the stomach clean and removes the stool hardness, so that you can get rid of hemorrhage,


 Soak Christmas in the night and wake it up in the morning, it clears the stomach and also cleanses the stool, and blood is cleaned by eating soaked groundwater,

Large Cardamom

Grind and grind g100 gm large cardamom a little, and eat half a teaspoon every morning in the morning with a little hot water, it will also clean the stomach and reduce the difficulty of stool,

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