Thursday, 6 February 2020

tonsils home remedy how to clear tonsil easy way

tonsils home remedy how to clear tonsil easy way

Tonsils are usually cold, which you can treat easily at home, and there is no need to seek any help.

✶Tonsils are a common cold-related disease, which seems like a slight blossom in your neck and a slight stone in the area, and a sore throat while eating food and sore throat throughout the day is described, sometimes its There is also fever. tonsils home remedy how to clear tonsil easy way

Hot water

✶If you take some warm water and add some salt to it and affect it in the throat 3 to 4 times a day, then it is possible to recover some of.

✶And you take some warm water and soak a clean cloth in it, then squeeze half of the water from that cloth, then apply that cloth around the tonsils, you will do it 3 times a day. to recovery fast,

✶Take some salt in a thick cloth and hold the cloth tightly, then show it in a little fire, then apply it slowly over the tonsils, then show it in the fire and then press it gently on the tonsils, so that you can sleep twice a day. Do it once before, there will be a difference in two days.

Take care of some important things

✶At the time of bathing wash the stomach with more water, so that the stomach will not get too hot,
✶Must include 2 pieces of raw garlic in the food,
✶avoid Icecream and chill chocolate,


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